Milhous Children’s Services provides a continuum of care for children and families by promoting healthy, permanent, and meaningful relationships.

Our Students…

California’s children and adolescent residential programs are classified from Level 1 to 14, in accordance with the intensity of services needed, level 14 being the highest intensity of services. All Milhous Programs are certified as level 14 by the California Department of Social Services.  

Milhous residential treatment programs provide an array of comprehensive services for children with emotional, behavioral and educational problems that are severe enough to keep them from functioning in their home, school and community.      

Milhous accepts boys and girls 10 to 19 years of age. The boys program is located on a 1000 acre ranch in the Sierra foothills near Nevada City, California. The girls programs are each located on three 5 acre ranch style properties just south of Sacramento, California.

Types of disabilities and behaviors may include DSM-V diagnostic classifications, emotional disability, behavior disorder, learning disability, or a combination of issues that prevent the child from functioning successfully.