Milhous Children’s Services provides a continuum of care for children and families by promoting healthy, permanent, and meaningful relationships.

The Heart of Our Program…

Modify the behaviors that have warranted placement in a residential treatment program
Each child's targeted behaviors are identified, and an individual behavioral plan is developed. All staff are coached in providing essential interventions, so that line staff as well as clinical staff are counselors, not guards.

Identify and address factors within the student's home environment critical to future success once back in their home and community
Milhous recognizes that the child is part of his or her own family unit. Family therapy, phone calls, and visits promote development of positive interactions between parents and children. Therapists step the families through graduated changes needed for continued success.

Create a therapeutic environment and educational approach that fulfills each student's style of learning
Each child's Individualized Educational Program is adhered to by Special Education teachers and aides, in intimate classes of six to seven students. Learning may take place through creative projects that encourage student enthusiasm. Individual attention provides the opportunity for our students to catch up on credit deficiencies in order to fulfill their school district's high school requirements.

Mental Health
Identify and treat the underlying mental health disorders perpetuating those harmful behaviors
Our licensed therapists and psychiatrists evaluate our students upon admission and continuously throughout placement. Evidence based interventions are tailored to each child's unique symptoms and personality. Cognitive behavioral therapy, family system approaches, examination of past traumas, and teaching coping and relaxation skills are some of the services provided by our clinicians.